Welcome to the Paraplanning Hub – The home of outsourced paraplanning.

The Paraplanning Hub has been designed and built by experienced and chartered financial planners. With the aim of providing a comprehensive and tailored outsourced paraplanning services for busy, independently minded, financial planners.

As your paraplanning partner we are focused on delivering a cost effective outsourced paraplanning service. One that compliments and evidences the quality of the face to face advice you are already providing to your clients.



Tailored Paraplanning


The benefits of delegating the ‘paraplanning’ function to an outsourced paraplanner have been well documented, not least that it can help you spend more time with your clients. However, at the Paraplanning Hub, we also understand that ultimately it is you, the financial planner, who is still personally responsible for evidencing suitability. We therefore take our responsibilities as your paraplanning partner very seriously.

At the Paraplanning Hub we also understand paraplanning is not just about writing reports. It is also about ensuring your whole financial planning offering evidences suitability.

Yes, on one level paraplanning is simply about undertaking the desk-based research and report writing functions that are part and parcel of a financial planner’s role. The required elements that need to be in place to evidence you have delivered suitable financial planning advice. However, we also know this paraplanning need to be tailored to your business plan, your target client market and your specific offering.

This is where the Paraplanning Hub comes in, we partner with our financial planner clients. We focus on ensuring their systems and procedures evidence the high-quality face to face financial planning services we know you offer your clients already. We follow a methodical and straight forward paraplanning process every time. Thereby ensuring every element of the required suitability evidence is considered and added to your files.


Paraplanning – The nuts and bolts


Paraplanning’ has many variations and requirements and it’s not just about the written suitability report. For example, for your financial planning advice to be deemed suitable, we understand that you will also need to evidence the following:

  1. Consistent and robust product research, comparison, analysis and selection.
  2. Sufficient ‘know your client’ information.
  3. Robust Central investment and proposition documents.
  4. Capacity for Loss – maybe using Cash Flow Modelling.
  5. Correct investment risk assessment and selection.
  6. Ongoing suitability.

For those who like to know all the details we have provided a detailed overview of the outsourced paraplanning elements we can deliver to help you ensure your financial planning files and central proposition documents are deemed suitable here.