Leveraged Financial Planner

Are you a leveraged financial planner? If ever there was a concept you absolutely have to understand in order to succeed in building a financial planning business, it is the power of leverage.


In fact, I have heard it said many times that less than one in 20 financial planning business owners actually do grasp it, and even fewer use it well.


I have spent nearly 30 years in financial services and believe a financial planning business is probably a perfect business to leverage. Yet, I would say that probably less than 5% of financial planning businesses are ran by a truly leveraged financial planner.


The concept of being a leveraged financial planner is all about achieving ever more with ever less. Getting your people, internal or outsourced, to achieve more with less effort. Getting better results with less and less effort, time after time.


It is not hard to see how such a phenomenon as leveraging could play a huge part in the life of a financial planner. Understanding and discerning your leverages; recognising what you have at hand, and knowing how to use it to your advantage, can be the difference between a calculated, leveraged success, or continually running to stand still.


Without leverages, your overall outcome –   the probability of financial success –  is limited to your cumulative energy and input at best. Or pure chance and luck at worst. But with the power of leverages, you can significantly separate your financial planning business from the pack and gain that much-needed ’edge’.


So, how do you do it? Well, first you need to think in terms of the formula for leverage: divide to multiply..


Think about it in terms of day-to-day life, say, replanting a tree. You take a cutting from one plant, but don’t end up with half a tree, you end up with two trees.


In terms of business, franchising is the easiest way to describe divide to multiply, but there are hundreds more ways to apply it.


Being a leveraged financial planner is your key to business success, and my definition of this is: “Do the work once and get paid forever.”


But the opposite of that is: Do the work once and get paid once. Freelance paraplanning or charging by the hour for financial planning is a good example of this. If I had stayed a one-person paraplanning business my income would have always been limited to my available hours in the week.


I now aim every day to find ways to work that will pay me forever, or at the very least, for several years to come.


Yes, I still need to still supervise the paraplanning output of others and I still need to apply my experience and technical knowledge in many instances. However, now I can oversee 4 to 5 times the level of paraplanning, all delivered at the same quality as if prepared by me.


My next objective is to create people who are as good, if not better, than me technically so I can focus solely on the business development.




Here are just three areas of your financial planning business you should be using leverage in everyday:



Train your people, internal or outsourced, once and have them work for you long-term.

I find too many financial planners are still focused on trying to save pennies by doing tasks themselves as opposed to finding the right person for the right tasks and then spend more time leveraging what they are good at.



If the only person who knows the system for doing a task in your business is you, then you have to do it.

Write it down, photograph it, record it, make a video of how to do it and then, you have a basic system so anyone can do it.

Systems are key to leverage in business. Save Yourself SOME Time Energy and Money is what SYSTEM stands for.

The Paraplanning Hub was created with this in mind. Our Paraplanning System allows you to input a project at the front and then leave the rest to our team of paraplanners and administrators. They charge by the minute leaving you free to go leverage that time.



This is the one I really want you to focus on for a moment.

Do the work (get a customer) once and get paid forever (keep them as your client for life).

If your business is set up right you will keep customers coming back again and again.

Profit in a financial planning business is built on the right type of customers, those who provide you with repeat income and business that builds in profit. It’s like filling a bathtub – no use putting in more and more water if you don’t put the plug in.


We’re all about leveraging at Paraplanning Hub, so if you think we can help you leverage parts of your business, get in touch on our contact us below