Discover what makes the Paraplanning Hub a great place to work

Welcome to this month’s look at all things Hub! For many of us it’s been a time of getting the school bags packed, discovering a new sandwich filling for the lunch box, adjusting back to timetables and booking after-school clubs – and that’s just our paraplanners!

Going back to school isn’t the only event in September that’s connected to education. You may already know September is the Festival of Learning “Have a Go Month”, something we were delighted to discover as we’re passionate about sharing knowledge.

There are so many benefits to being open to learning, as it allows us to develop and grow as people and within our jobs. Here at the Hub, we have a wealth of experience we’re eager for you to access, and one way you can do this is by visiting the knowledge base on our website.

Aside from going back to school, we discovered that there are two other events in September that we wanted to share. The first is Recycle Week, and the second is International Week of Happiness at Work.

We’re always open to hearing more about your top recycling tips, but when it comes to being happy at work, how could we resist the opportunity to ask our team about what makes them Hub-happy?

Here are some thoughts:

“Knowing that I’m part of a friendly, approachable team. I know I can go to anyone with a question, no matter how small, and they will do their best to help or point me to the right person who’ll be able to help.”

“I love doing a tax calculation – not sure why, I just do! I also love the sense of satisfaction I get when emailing a report to an adviser, knowing I’ve done everything I can to produce something that will help them and their clients.”

“The flexible hours that allow you to work in a way that suits your needs. I also like the fact I feel part of a team that appreciates you for being there and as a person, rather than just another number in a database.”

“I enjoy my role at the Hub because the work is interesting and varied. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team, and there’s always someone willing to help. I feel supported by the company to progress my career and continue learning. Flexible working and good work-life balance helps a lot too.”

“I really enjoy the fact that we get to communicate with many different clients who are based across the UK. I also think the fact that the team works remotely means we can have interesting conversations about the different places we live in and the hobbies and lifestyles we all have.”

Working in a happy environment is important to everyone at the Hub, which is why we’re committed to a work-life balance, teamwork, and communication. But that’s not the only reason we’re such a happy lot. We also enjoy the work that we do.

Discover what makes the Paraplanning Hub a great place to work

This brings us neatly to this month’s service spotlight, which looks at suitability letters. Here at teamhub we know writing suitability letters probably isn’t at the top of your “favourite things to do” list, but we love it!

Tick the compliance boxes with letters your clients will understand

Suitability letters are a compliance issue and are closely examined by business assurance teams and clients alike. This means nothing should ever be left to chance, which is where we come in.

Our experience in creating quality, concise and readable suitability letters helps you tick all the compliance boxes while providing letters your clients will understand. As well as making your recommendations more robust against potential complaints, it can also help promote client retention and lead to business-generating referrals.

Suitability letters also confirm that you’ve done what you said you would do, and shows your professionalism and commitment to client welfare. In addition, they’re an opportunity for you to double-check the advice given against your client’s goals, making them a powerful tool in preserving your business’s reputation.

Click here to discover more about how we produce high quality suitability reports that will stand up to scrutiny.

That brings us to this month’s teamhub, where you can learn more about the people that make up the Hub. For September, find out more about Hannah, one of our paraplanners and research analysts, who has a background in investment management.


In the meantime, here are some fun facts about her.

Fun Facts

Favourite animal: Hamster.

Favourite drink: Pina Colada.

Favourite place to visit: Anywhere with animals!

Hobbies: Baking, reading, exploring new restaurants. I’m also currently trying to learn Bulgarian.

Look out for more news in the coming months about our continued investment in our team and just how we are going the extra mile for our people.