Discover why communication with advisers is vital to delivering excellence

Welcome to our In The Hub feature, our monthly look at all the goings on with #teamhub. August has certainly been a month for teamwork following the success for Team GB in Tokyo, and all our talk has been about sunshine and staycations!

Did you manage a holiday abroad?

Here at the Hub, you can imagine how much we love planning holidays and our team have had many conversations about their favourite destinations. Needless to say, Team Hub have a very eclectic mix of perfect places to go.

Why not take a trip to our meet the team page on our website and see who likes either Centre Parcs or anywhere hot with a beach.

Maybe like you, we have really enjoyed seeing the outstanding success of Team GB in the Tokyo Olympics. Seeing the success and number of medals won has been truly inspiring and a great example of individual success that has its roots in fantastic teamwork and collaboration.

If you haven’t already, follow the link to read 3 surprising similarities paraplanners have with the top sports teams – it may surprise you.

As our business has grown this year considerably and we have a very exciting future ahead, we really understand the importance of teamwork, collaborating, supporting and nurturing talent. In fact, talent is a great way to showcase our ethos when it comes to how we move forward.

The importance of teamwork

The Hub is all about planning, researching and supporting advisers, so nurturing talent and helping people develop is paramount as we strive to deliver the level of service we’re passionate about.

That’s why in 2021 we have been committed to promoting paraplanning as a profession, and have worked tirelessly to create a centre of excellence that has been a driving factor for the entire team.

For that reason, if you’re looking to join a progressive business we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you know someone who’s eager to work in an exciting profession helping others realise their dreams, tell them about us or suggest they visit career opportunities on our website.

That leads us nicely into the news of Sasha who joined our team recently and has made an immediate impact on the team and our clients.

She’s a highly skilled paraplanner with her own story of what led her to get involved in the world of paraplanning. Hear her story by listening to the interview we recorded with her, or learn more about her career visit our meet the team section of our website.

Fun facts about Sasha:

Favourite animal: Penguin.

Favourite drink: Prosecco.

Favourite place to visit: Yorkshire Dales, Vietnam and LA

Hobbies: Walking my miniature dachshunds Ned & Sid, travelling to new places and watching Greys Anatomy (mild obsession!).

Hub life is something we will be delving more into over the coming months and introducing you to more of the team.  Experience has taught us that our team culture has such an impact on client service.

Relationships are key to the business which is why the processes we work with ensure high service levels.  One relationship we recognise and value above all others is the one between adviser and client.

As a former financial planner himself, the Hub’s founder and director fully understands the role.

That’s why we understand that advisers need to be able to rely on us to provide them – and their clients – with peace of mind. While the advisers talk to clients about their dreams, investments, and financial security, it’s up to us to carry out detailed research that stands up to scrutiny and produce excellent suitability reports the client understands.

This can only be achieved by working closely with advisers, which is why it’s at the core of everything we do.

Our service spotlight this month is on CIP/CRP reviews.  Here at the Hub, we pride ourselves on being proactive and ahead of the game.

This is one area in particular that we have been active on for some time, despite not being essential. Now the FCA have made these reports legislation it means there are extra protocols for advisers.

Luckily, we have been offering this service for some time, so we are one step ahead already which is great news for our clients.  Yes, the responsibility still lies with the adviser, but we are here and at the end of the phone to deal with any queries.