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As experienced financial planning professionals ourselves we know that you might want more support in some areas of your business than others. So, rather than have a blanket approach, we offer support services that fit perfectly into your financial planning business model. Take a look at the menu and see what works for you. We believe we have created an end to end package of support services. However, if the options that you are looking for aren’t here, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line and discuss. We work flexibly and want to help you achieve your goals.


List of Services we offer


Investment Selection

You need to back up every decision you make in the modern financial services arena. We provide the research and rationale to establish which products and investments you use with their clients.

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Product Comparison

There are so many products out there now, each with nuances that differentiate them. Using the systems available brings you certain comparisons such as price, but we need to drill down much further than that.

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Written Suitability

Because nobody likes writing a report (well, that’s not strictly true) when they could be doing something else instead. Your reports are required by compliance and will be sifted through with a fine toothcomb.

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File Suitability

Let us run our keen eye over your reports and files. We have vast experience in this area and can spot any areas that you might need to tighten up. Nobody wants compliance breathing down their neck.

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CIP/CRP/PROD Construction

The FCA now require you to undertake PROD reviews, this means those previously optional Central Investment and Central Retirement Propositions (CIPs and CRPs) are now compulsory.

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Cash Flow Modelling

In its most basic form, this is to allow you to show a client if their financial plans are on track. Clients can be the most demanding people on earth. But with our cash flow analysis service, you can stay on top of their investments and pensions.

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Administration Support


Data Gathering

We send off Letters of Authority on your behalf and gather all the policy data required. Because we are your paraplanner we also check it back in to ensure everything we need to prepare any recommendations has been supplied too.

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Annual Reviews

From updating client information, booking the appointment, preparing all pre review reports and completing the continued suitability letters on your behalf. Our end to end service ensures our admin staff and paraplanners talk to each other, you and the client to enhance the service provided to your clients.

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Data Management

We ensure your client details, product information, registers and back office systems are kept up to date. So when you need access to your key management and FCA reporting information it is all at hand. We can even help you submit your Gabriel reports.

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