A well crafted cash flow model (or financial forecasting as we prefer to call it)  will show a client if their financial plans are on track or not. Clients can be the most demanding people on earth. But with our financial forecasting service, you can stay on top of their investments and pensions. This enables you to have meaningful conversations with them, about their plans and move forward. No more time spent wading through report after report. Simply speak to us and it’s done!

Keeping on top of the performance of your client’s financial plans can be a full-time job in itself. A detailed and accurate cash flow model built using financial forecasting tools boosts client retention and referrals. A good financial forecast is simply a confirmation of where a client is on their financial journey. It does, however, also show that you clearly know and understand that you are up to date with their financial plans.

It’s one of the universal laws of dealing with clients is that some will want to know everything that’s going on all the time. And sometimes we can’t keep on top of every fine piece of detail. That’s where we come in. When we are looking to undertake financial forecasting on behalf of your client we look through the information you have and ensure it is fit for purpose, researching and updating where necessary. Your clients deserve the right advice for the long term. Our financial forecasting service allows you to deliver this outstanding service.

We are comfortable using Voyant, Truth, CashCalc and Timeline financial forecasting tools. We can also help you select the right tool for the job if you are not 100% sure.


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What’s Involved?


You give us the details of your client, including the factfind information and the products they have. From here, we can conduct a thorough research of the performance and how well their products are matching their goals. This is a cornerstone of modern financial advice, working with a client for the long terms rather than selling them a single product and walking away.

With all the data at hand, we produce a report that enables you to have a significant conversation with your client about their financial plans. Some parts of the job mean researching and reading reports. Some people don’t like that side of their role as an FA. We love it. Leave this to us and impress your clients with the report we deliver.


What You Get For Your Money


The report that we deliver is at a level of detail for you to have meaningful conversations with your clients about their financial plans. The market is changing all the time, as is the economic outlook. Staying on top of these elements means that you can deliver the best advice available. But gathering all this information takes time.

We take the strain, ensuring you are ready to talk to your clients and make adjustments to their products if necessary. Regular financial reviews are part and parcel of current best practice financial advice. The cash flow modelling reports we produce ensure you are in the best position possible to talk fluently to your clients.




How long does this take?

Great question. Once we have all the details we need, we go ahead and carry out all the research needed to make that recommendation. For cashflow modelling this would normally be a 5 to 7 working days turnaround.