The FCA now require you to undertake PROD reviews, this means those previously optional Central Investment and Central Retirement Propositions (CIPs and CRPs) are now compulsory. We have always believed a firm should have their own bespoke CIP and CRP documents and have prepared many for our clients. Now the FCA have made this compulsory we are ready to help produce and update yours.

We have been producing these reports for a number of years now, before the FCA saw the need to make it compulsory. We feel that we are one step ahead of the crowd with this. And we also feel that you should be in exactly the same situation. There is a fair amount of research needed here up front. But once you’ve developed bespoke solutions for your clients, you are on the right track.

CIPs and CRP’s aim to deliver a robust, reliable and repeatable structured investment process that works across different clients. And in these three words we need to invest the most time –

  1. Robust
  2. Reliable
  3. Repeatable

That’s where we come in. We have been working with these for a number of years now. These three criteria for an effective CIP or CRP come from being tested over a period of time. We only know if something is robust, reliable and repeatable if we have tried to repeat them with success.


Let’s Have A Chat


What’s Involved?


We work with you to establish the kind of clients you work with on a regular basis. You might have a specialism. This makes it easier to develop effective CIPs and CRPs. Once we have a solid base idea of the kind of people you commonly work with, we can start the process of researching what effective propositions might look like.

Again, we work with you to ensure that these are fit for purpose and match your own ideas. Communication is the key here, so we stay in regular contact with you during the process, to make certain that we have something that can take your business forward.


What You Get For Your Money


We deliver a series of propositions that help you hang your advice on. Whether it is building successful accumulation and decumulation strategies or risk management, we are here to build something that will help you and your advisers to advise clients with a framework in mind. The strategy for every firm is different and we reflect that in the CIP or CRP that we develop with you in mind.

We look at the different elements that make a successful framework for your busines and your clients. Formally adopting a CRP or CIP is now mandatory. So, adopting the correct one is going to power your business forward. Adopting the wrong one will add confusion and delay to the process. That’s why it pays handsomely to develop effective CRPs and CIPs from the outset. Drop us a line to find out more.




How long does this take?

Once we have all the details we need, we go ahead and carry out all the research needed to make that recommendation. For CIPs/CRPs/PROD reviews etc.) we probably need to allow up to 2 weeks from being instructed.

Who is responsible for the recommendation?

That’s still you. We’re here as a support mechanism but the advice is still yours to give. We’re always here at the end of the phone to discuss our recommendation or answer any questions you have.