You need to back up every decision you make in the modern financial services arena. We provide the research and rationale to establish which products and investments you use with their clients. This frees you up to see the next client, and the one after that too. Rather than spend your time working your way through products and providers, we take on the search on your behalf before presenting recommendations.

Selecting the right investments is at the core of everything you do. Your reputation both professionally and from a compliance point of view stands on the shoulders of these decisions. We have the experience and qualifications to help lighten this load. If you want clients to retain your services, come back to you and recommend you to others, then the performance of the products you select needs to match expectations. While you’re busy managing these expectations, we’re busy sourcing the right products for your clients.

There are so many choices out there. This represents a major challenge for any financial adviser worth their salt. Products are updated all the time. The use of the internet means that a product can be withdrawn at a moment’s notice or altered in any way shape or form. It’s a full-time job keeping up with the changes that providers make to their product range. But don’t sweat it – we’re on the case. It’s part of our job role to keep up to date with all that’s going on in the financial service world, including product information. That way you get the most relevant recommendation possible.


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What’s Involved?


We take the detailed information your factfind produces to ensure that your clients are looked after. In the modern age, the differences between products can be in different shades of grey rather than distinct colours. This means that you need to research the options thoroughly, ensuring that the investment selected matches your clients’ needs better than the alternatives. And you also need to evidence this when it comes to written suitability. Remember – if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.

So, as an adviser, you are under pressure to perform.

But don’t get performance anxiety. We’re here to help. You can go ahead, working with the next client while we work away in the background to make certain that the products your clients need are sourced and suitable.


What You Get For Your Money


We take all of the detailed information you have gathered in your factfind. This enables us to get a full picture of their situation and needs. Of course, we will look at all of the different elements of the information you have gleaned from a client, such as –

  1. Current situation
  2. Existing investments and other products
  3. Hopes, goals, dreams, aspirations
  4. Attitude to risk

From the data we get, we are able to research the market, looking for the best fit for your clients. We do this from a standpoint of decades of experience doing not just what we do, but what you do too. We have sat in your chair, stood in your shoes. From that experience, we understand the importance of making the right decisions. And the choices on the market have become more wide-ranging now than ever before. The difference between one product and another might be minute. But, don’t worry, we’ll source the right product and give you the reasons why we chose it. Of course, at the end of the day, the advice is yours and not ours. But we’re here to help you to help the most important people in your business – your clients.




How long does this take?

Great question. Once we have all the details we need, we go ahead and carry out all the research needed to make that recommendation. For investment selection this would normally be a 5 to 7 working days turnaround.

Who is responsible for the recommendation?

That’s still you. We’re here as a support mechanism but the advice is still yours to give. We’re always here at the end of the phone to discuss our recommendation or answer any questions you have.