As we Zoom into an new era of financial planning we at the Paraplanning Hub encourage our financial planners to have open dialogue with their dedicated paraplanner. Furthermore, by using our virtual paraplanning service include them in the advice and solution process. We use a professional version of the Zoom video meeting software to allow their paraplanner to be present at the main initial planning meetings with new and existing clients.


What’s Involved?


With the use of their PC or a laptop it is very straight forward for our paraplanners to view, participate and take notes during the meeting leaving the adviser free to focus on the client’s words and body language. As well as freeing up the adviser this brings further advantages including the ability for the paraplanner to have a better knowledge and understanding of the client when constructing the file as well as participate in the formulation of a financial plan.


What's Included


The structure is really straight forward and will save advisers a huge amount of time. Furthermore your dedicated administrator can arrange the virtual paraplanning session on your behalf.

  1. So, first things first, the administrator will set up the meeting, co-ordinating diaries between you, your paraplanner and the client, sending out all attendance information and ensuring there will be no technology hitches on the day.
  2. A 15 minute pre meeting catch up with your paraplanner, to agree the key objectives for the meeting.
  3. Your paraplanner attending the meeting, being as involved as you require, and taking full meeting notes.
  4. A follow up debrief, agreeing next steps.
  5. Your client records updated, plus meeting notes uploaded by the administrator.
  6. Once you agree the meeting notes the paraplanner will then begin the research and suitability process on your behalf.



Is there an additional cost for this service?

No, this service is included in our fixed price support services.

Is there a limit to the length of the meetings or number of meetings a month.

No, our fixed price inclusive package are an on demand service ensuring you have the support you need when you need it – during normal office hours.

What if my dedicated paraplanner is on holiday?

We will appoint a stand in paraplanner – in truth we allocate a reserve paraplanner to each case anyway.

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