Because nobody likes creating written suitability reports (well, that’s not strictly true) when they could be doing something else instead. Your written suitability reports are required by compliance and will be sifted through with a fine toothcomb. it would also be nice if they could be easy to read too! That’s why we take the strain. Our experience in creating quality, concise and readable written suitability reports helps you both tick all the compliance boxes and produce letters that your clients will actually read and understand.

Written suitability reports are the item that often rounds off your advice. They explain in detail to your client the information recorder and the advice given. In many ways, these written suitability letters should actually help promote client retention and the referral process. After all, what better way to confirm that you have done all you said you were going to do? Written suitability reports are also the documents that ensures you double-check the advice given against the goals. All in all, this is a pretty powerful tool for your business. If it is carried our correctly.

Compliance departments love to analyse everything we do. It’s their role to ensure we stay on the right side of the FCA, after all. But, at the same time, you can end up in a seemingly endless conversation with the compliance department. Especially if your written suitability reports are not deemed fit for purpose. That’s why we’re here. Our written suitability reports are not just bland templates, they have been built from years of experience writing these reports. Yes, our written suitability reports are compliant, and based on actual information on your client files, they are also readable.

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What’s Involved?


Once we receive your recommendations and factfind, we’re able to piece together the written suitability document. This will be detailed enough to cover all elements of the advice given. We look into the specifics of the products, adding detail to your broad reasons for choosing a recommendation. If we have any questions, then we’ll pick up with you, clarifying any areas of uncertainty. This allows us to present a written suitability document that you’ll be ready to upload to your system and deliver to your client.

We need access to the updated notes from your compliance department to ensure that we cover any areas that they are particularly stringent about at any given point in time. We will match these to our own research and understanding of FCA rules and guidelines.


What You Get For Your Money


We pull together all the necessary information so that your client and your compliance department are satisfied. In the modern day, written suitability needs to cover certain bases. But we produce reports that go beyond this. Rather than produce a staid letter that looks like the last one produced (and the one before that) we deliver something that explains in detail, and in layman’s terms, the justification for your advice. This delights the client, confirming all they told you and matching it to the products selected. It also keeps the compliance department off the phone, as we keep up to date with all current requirements and concerns from the FCA.




How long does this take?

Great question. Once we have all the details we need, we go ahead and carry out all the research needed to make that recommendation. For suitability letters this would normally be a 5 to 7 working days turnaround.

Who is responsible for the recommendation?

That’s still you. We’re here as a support mechanism but the advice is still yours to give. We’re always here at the end of the phone to discuss our recommendation or answer any questions you have.

What if you have any questions?

Don’t worry. We’ve been through this many times before. If we’re unsure then we drop you a line, clearing this up before finalising the report. Nobody wants to have to go back through and make changes because incorrect assumptions were made.