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Let’s start by saying what a month July has been for sport – wow!

Our team have been on the edge of their seats at times and the Euros final was a nail biter of a match however, we must extend our positive thoughts to Gareth and the team for taking us to the final and that was a wonderful achievement.

In The Hub

This month has a very sweet feel to things and just confirms what a happy bunch we are. Our first mention needs to go to Ebony, one of our paraplanners who was shortlisted for New Paraplanner of the Year” at the Professional Paraplanner Awards 2021. This is such a fantastic achievement, and we are very proud of her. Ebony is a fabulous team player and works super hard to deliver a great service to our clients and also supports our goal to highlight paraplanning as a profession.

Here are some fun facts about Ebony:

Favourite animal: Dogs, especially my Shih Tzu, Nelly.

Favourite drink: Malibu & Lemonade or Green Tea.

Favourite place to visit: It’s a tough one… Either New York or Santorini.

Hobbies: Shopping, going out to eat and walking Nelly on the beach.


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Recent years have seen tremendous growth and development within the world of paraplanning. The awards have been running for 5 years and are now attracting more and more interest. Considering the changes within the financial services industry, the natural follow on is a more in-depth and stronger need for support from paraplanners. There is increasing demand for financial services products and advice.  The standards in this are rising which results in a higher standard of delivery from paraplanners. It is really exciting for us as the value and role we play in the end result is now being much more seen as front of house and not just a back-room function. One of the services in our portfolio is our Virtual Meetings. We enjoy being able to work with our adviser clients in this way as being there and hearing firsthand enables us to speed up our research process and get cracking swiftly. We know how important it is to provide quality and timely reports so that advisers can ensure a smooth service to their clients.

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Next, we have to mention why we are feeling in a sweet mood!  This month was National Chocolate Day and our team got involved with their favourite choccie bar. Like we need any excuse to have a chocolate break! The other fun thing was the celebration of National Doughnut Week this month and this is a perfect link to paraplanning because we are like the jam in the middle! We love supporting our financial adviser clients so they can deliver amazing advice and solutions to their clients. Paraplanning is such an important part in the process and is a key part of helping individuals realise their dreams.

Team favourite choccie bar

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When we think about paraplanning and what it really represents, we know it has a strong leaning towards process.  As with any process, there needs to be clarity around start, middle and end.

If you were to delve into the mindset of a paraplanner, it would be very interesting as there is a great deal of logical thinking coupled with the ability to question and demonstrate creativity.

The more you look into how our business operates, there are many more personal qualities you can see that are essential for a paraplanner.  However, back to the topic of process and in the article, we are exploring more about the element of “starting”.

Here at the hub, we have taken time to look more closely at the start of a relationship with our clients. We see the value of the initial onboarding is so important. Yes, we can just say “yes, we can write you are report”, however, what does that say about how we then take the support to the next level. Our passion is starting as we mean to go on. Our focus is to develop strong relationships with multi-adviser firms who are keen to engage with us where we can be that added value for them and their clients. Financial Advisers are trusted advisers, and their clients know it is a competitive environment hence the demands for top level service are increasing. As paraplanners, we recognize this so the way we start with one of our clients is absolutely “Paramount”.

Over the last month or so, as we continue to grow and expand our team, we have taken time to review this part of our process and we are very excited about the improvements we have made. We start with asking more questions, digging a little deeper into IFA requirements and needs. This just demonstrates that once with us, this is the kind of service you can expect. If IFA standards are rising then we need to be operating with the highest level of care, dedication, communication and desire for first class service.

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