In The Hub

Welcome to our August edition of Paramount – a month of sunshine, success for Team GB and staycations!

Perhaps you managed a holiday abroad?

Here at the Hub, you can imagine how much we love planning holidays and our team have had many conversations about their favourite destinations. Needless to say, team Hub have a very eclectic mix of perfect places to go.

Why not take a trip to our “meet the team” page on our website and see who likes either Centre Parcs or anywhere hot with a beach.

Meet the team

Just focusing back on Team GB, we have really enjoyed seeing the outstanding success of our team’s performance and the number of medals won has been off the scale!

Team GB

This is just such a lovely example of individuals achieving yet still seeing themselves as part of a fantastic team and celebrating together.

As our business has grown this year considerably and we have a very exciting future ahead, we really understand the importance of teamwork, collaborating, supporting and nurturing talent.

In fact, talent is a great way to showcase our ethos when it comes to how we move forward.  Yes, our business is all about planning, researching and supporting advisers.  However, nurturing talent, developing people and relationships is paramount in order for us to deliver the level of service we are passionate about.  Over this year, our dedication to presenting paraplanning as a profession and to establishing a centre of excellence as been a driving factor for the entire team.

Performance is key!

If you are looking to join a progressive business, we would love to hear from you or perhaps you know someone who is eager to work in an exciting profession delivering key advice to help people realise their dreams

Paraplanning career opportunities

On the subject of talent, it leads us nicely into the news of Sasha who joined our team recently and has made an immediate impact on the team and our clients.  A highly skilled paraplanner with her own story of what led her to get involved in the world of paraplanning. Find out more about that in our interview blog feature.

When Sasha joined the Hub

Hub life is something we will be delving more into over the coming months and introducing you to more of the team.  Experience has both shown and taught us that our team culture has such an impact on client service.  Relationships have such a role to play in our business and the processes we work with to ensure high service levels.  There are so many types of relationships in the hub, one in particular that we recognise, respect and value is the one between adviser and client.

Tony who founded the Hub, spent many years as an adviser himself so he fully understands that role.  Advisers have the direct communication with clients who want to realise their dreams, maximise their investments and have long term financial security.  That peace of mind end result is achieved by us working closely with advisers to help them help their clients.  Find out more.


Our service spotlight this month is on CIP/CRP reviews. Here at the Hub, we pride ourselves on being proactive and ahead of the game. This is one area in particular that we have been active on for some time, despite not being essential. However, now the FCA have made these reports legislation, it means there are extra protocols for advisers.

Luckily, we have been offering this service for some time, so we are one step ahead already which is great news for our clients.  Yes, the responsibility still lies with the adviser, but we are here and at the end of the phone to deal with any queries.

Find out more about this by visiting our website here.