Meet… research analyst Hannah

We believe that to help you, we need to get to know you – and vice versa. So here’s your chance to learn a little more about the people who make up the Paraplanning Hub team.


Hannah started working for Paraplanning Hub in August 2020, and chose a career in finance because of the variety of roles available and the opportunities for progression.


Her job involves undertaking administrative and research tasks on behalf of financial advisers and helping them to write reports that make recommendations to fit their clients’ needs and objectives.


We asked her some of our most probing questions to see what makes her tick…


When you’re not at work, we can find you… Spending time with friends and family or experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen


Most important lesson you’ve learned in your working life: Pick up the phone – one phone call can resolve issues much more quickly than lots of emails


What was your first job? Waitress


What was your strangest job? All the jobs I’ve had have been very ‘normal’ – lucky me!


Where is your favourite place to visit? Anywhere with animals


Do you have any hobbies? Cooking and baking, reading, drawing


If you were an animal what would you be? A hedgehog


If you were an ice cream flavour what would you be? Cookie dough


Do you speak any languages? I can only speak English fluently, but I’m currently learning Bulgarian


What is your biggest pet peeve? Very slow walkers – especially when I’m in a hurry


If you could be anyone for the day who would you be? ​I’d like to spend a day as a regular person in medieval or Victorian England to see what it was really like


What is your proudest moment? Graduating from university


What is your guilty pleasure? I love watching reality TV


Describe yourself in three words: ​Reliable, organised, creative


What did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor


What always makes you happy? ​Spending time with family and friends


What do you do to relax? Go for a walk or read a book


And finally, what is your most controversial opinion? Game of Thrones is massively overrated