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Hi, I am Tony, the founder of The Paraplanning Hub. Welcome to the first edition of Paramount, a brand-new newsletter highlighting “the art of paraplanning”.

When I set up The Paraplanning Hub, I was driven to highlight the profession of paraplanning and start more dialogue around the role this service plays in the financial advice sector.

Part of my focus is to offer ways to communicate and get conversations started, not only on financial services news but to talk about the people involved.

We will feature more on this in future editions so keep a look out.

In the first of this month’s articles, read about why we believe paraplanning should be seen as a dedicated profession within the financial sector. Discover how doing this could reduce recruitment costs for financial professionals, help provide better quality support and shield recommendations from potential complaints.

Next, discover how using fact-finds more effectively could generate more business and reduce the risk of successful complaints against you and your business. You can also read about how our fact-find training helped reduce our client’s overheads and exposure to complaints, while increasing business opportunities.

Finally, meet Kate and David – two colleagues who both recently joined us. Discover some interesting facts about them, and the expertise and experience they can offer your business.

Until next time…