Other Paraplanner Hubs

The Paraplanning hub (not to be confused with other Paraplanner Hubs).

Our Paraplanning Hub is the culmination of months of work and has been set up in response to demand from clients, all wanting to be supplied quality, reliable and trusted paraplanning support – with a face to face ‘experience’ if and when required. Part of the investigation into how a new style and delivery of paraplanning in the UK, might work, was the fact-finding visit to Australia (business and personal) this year (October 2019).

The UK has seen Paraplanner Hubs talked about before, however, not using the model here. Other hubs:-

  1. PRU Adviser – resources for paraplanners
  2. The Paraplanner Hub – (Chats in the Hub) Aus podcast resource for paraplanners
  3. The Paraplanning Hub – Welsh Paraplanner

We are continually looking for members of our Talent Pool, and are growing the  Local Paraplanner Hub based model into 10 UK locations – with the right Local Hub Leaders.

We would love to keep in touch with anyone that wants to be involved, as we grow. Please do not hesitate to connect on social media, sign up for our newsletter, or contact us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you.