Outsourced Paraplanning Fees

The question around outsourced paraplanning fees has been on a lot of people’s minds over many years, there are a few posts littered throughout the internet – as well a number of companies that do list fees and costs publicly on their websites.

A thread of posts on ‘the ParaPlanner’ website suggests that outsourced paraplanning fees could be in the order of £20 to £85 per hour. It is clear that a freelance paraplanner can charge less than a larger company due to lower overheads (more likely working from home).

Other factors that should be considered when comparing fees:-

  • The capability and productivity of workers,
  • Service level agreements – how long will they take,
  • The ease of doing business,
  • Availability/reliability – how many in their team.

The Paraplanning Hub is open and transparent in the way that it publishes its fees – offering fixed montly per client pricing and hourly rates of work from £35 per hour depending on the level of commitment demanded by our clients. See the fees page for more detail.

Should you be thinking about outsourcing or employing a new member of staff, we have looked at some of the numbers and issues that are associated with hiring a new member of staff, see here.

No need to worry about time costs creeping up as we offer all our services as and when required. We are your back office team, your practice manager, your paraplanner, your administrator, all rolled into exclusive fixed price paraplanning fee packages.

Our paraplanning fees include all the paraplanning and adviser support you could ever need and as well as all the standard paraplanning services such as suitability letters, product and investment research, they now include our PROD friendly central propositions production (CRP and CIP), Virtual Paraplanning and Annual Planning Review services.

We believe that we have made it easy to try outsourcing your paraplanning, if you are wanting to grow your practice, simply get in touch and we will provide assistance if we can – it all starts with a chat!