About the Paraplanning Hub

Some financial planners get the power of paraplanning and others just don’t. The Paraplanning Hub was established to work with those who do!

As a financial planner you’re putting your name to the analysis and written advice that is produced via the Paraplanning Hub. With this in mind, you want and expect us to be pretty good at paraplanning. There is some pretty technical and time-consuming work involved in delivering the best advice for a client, that is now commonly referred to as paraplanning. As a financial planner you have a choice, do it yourself or delegate it to us.

Yes, we are qualified and experienced, that should go without saying. However, more importantly, we also believe in being partners in your business, adding value to what you do.  We believe a great financial planner/paraplanning partnership can transform your business. You can relax and focus on your client outcomes knowing that we have the experience that will back up your decisions and give you the confidence to move forward with a client. After all, what’s the point in paying a paraplanner good money and then checking every last line yourself?

Delivering the best financial planning outcomes for a client is about doing two things well:

  1. Providing bespoke financial planning advice – What you do well
  2. Doing all the technical work that supports your decisions – What we do well



The Why of Paraplanning


Paraplanning partnerships aren’t for everyone. We get that. We want to work with people who see the value in what we have to offer. As a partner, we help you to give advice that keeps you in front of clients. Advisers are being struck off and swamped by complaints when they don’t get things right. The paraplanning that we offer ensures you stay on the right side of the FCA.

To make sure this happens, we need to be at least as good as you at this. Take a look at the client testimonials we have. It shows the kind of worth we have with our clients. And these testimonials are real. Drop us a line for a chat and we will happily give you their contact details so you can have a conversation with them. That way you can hear for yourself what we bring to the table.


The What of Parplanning


Paraplanning should be all about boosting your business by adding to it. Too many advisers think that it is someone to throw all the unwanted work to. Paraplanning is not about doing the ‘unwanted’ tasks it is about undertaking the essential technical desk-based tasks that prevent you from being in front of your clients. The Paraplanning Hub provides a straightforward way to access the right paraplanning support.


The History of the Paraplanning Hub


The founder of the Paraplanning Hub, Tony Slimmings, first employed a paraplanner over 20 years ago when he was head of financial planning at a top four accountancy firm. What struck him was the difference working with a paraplanner made to the quality of the client offering. He realised that a good paraplanner added significant value and genuinely provided a boost to client outcomes.

We have brought that experience into the ethos behind the Paraplanning Hub. Our MD has been an IFA, he’s been an MD, and grown businesses. He knows what you’re going through. And this experience is what we bring to the table. A paraplanning partnership between our business and yours means you get two heads focused on your client outcomes. We get to bring our joint talents and knowledge to the table. The value in this is – the sum of the two parts is greater than the whole. Using the Paraplanning Hub we believe will help you build a great financial planning business.



The Paraplanning Hub


Our Paraplanning Hub was built to provide you Easy as 123 access to a straight forward, cost effective, process driven and consistent outsourced paraplanning service. To connect you with a paraplanning partner, the right person for your business and to compliment your skills set. The Paraplanning Hub was built on the premise of making it easy for financial planners to access the outsourced paraplanning support they need, at a competitive price, to add value to their client outcomes.