Paraplanning Costs – From £40 per hour

In order to keep paraplanning costs down, the Paraplanning Hub offers outsourced paraplanning fees from £40 per hour.

The Paraplanning Hub pricing plans have been designed with your busy and growing financial planning practice in mind. We are here to help you quickly and efficiently deploy additional Paraplanning resources to enable you to meet the needs of your clients.

We have made our service as simple to try, and use, as possible, providing a trusted and transparent pricing structure, and a Client-Hub that enables clear case and time tracking. Any feedback regarding our service is always welcomed, if you do not feel that we offer the best value paraplanning costs AND easiest outsourced service – The we want you to tell us what we need to do.


Straight Forward Paraplanning Fees

The Paraplanning Hub offering was built on the simple premise of making it straight forward for financial planners to outsource their paraplanning, our Easy as 123 approach. We also take the same open and transparent approach when setting our outsourced paraplanning fees.

We provide flexible and cost effective outsourced paraplanning support without the need for lengthy contracts or large retainers. All that we require is that you commit to purchase a minimum of 10 hours per month. Thereafter, our outsourced paraplanning fees are offered to you on a tiered pay as you go basis. With our contracts on a simple 30-day rolling contract basis.


Cost Effective Paraplanning

Our paraplanning fees have been set at a level that allow us to make a profit. Whilst hopefully providing financial planners access to a cost-effective alternative to employing an in-house paraplanner.

At the Paraplanning Hub we want to build long term relationships with our financial planner clients. To achieve this, we have endeavoured to set our outsourced paraplanning fees at an appropriate and competitive level. We do not, however, want you stay with us unless you are happy to do so. Which is why we do not believe in lengthy and opaque contracts. We also know we are only as good as our last piece of work. Which is why we are committed to delivering cost effective paraplanning on time every time.

We also know to be successful it is as Easy as 123. If we deliver on our commitments and provide effective paraplanning with competitive paraplanning costs, you will come back for more. We also hope you will also recommend us to others!

If you are a busy IFA and would like to speak to a chartered level paraplanner about how the Paraplanning Hub may be able to help you stay on top of your paraplanning costs, simply get in touch or schedule a call at your convenience.