Paraplanning Hub QROPS New Zealand Case Support

Something that we do get asked from time to time is ‘Hey, Paraplanning Hub QROPS case support – do you do this?’. The short answer is ‘yes!’.
We have done quite a few QROPS cases in recent years, including a few New Zealand DB transfers during 2019, in conjunction with NZ IFAs, and we do have a few UK IFAs who are keen to get a foothold in this market.
We are keen to speak with Australian and New Zealand Certified Independent Financial Advisers with regard to undertaking the transfer reports and act as the Paraplanning Hub QROPS case support function for such work.
More than happy to speak with any IFAs, to help with Qualifying Regulated Overseas Pension Schemes – simply schedule a call when it is convenient for you.
For more information regarding QROPS New Zealand rules, see here.
If you are looking for a paraplanner why not contact us below