Paraplanning Hub – The many software tools we use.

ParaplanningHub Software Tools

A question that always comes up when we are talking to prospective clients that are looking to start working with us is around how we carry out our work and in particular what financial ‘tools’ do we use.

Over the years we have used many different technologies, we have refined this down to a core set of software systems.

We currently, subscribe, have access to and experience of working with :-

  • FE Analytics: for investment portfolio research,
  • Cashcalc: for cash flow work (we are very familiar with Prestwood Truth),
  • Synaptics: is used on an ad hoc basis,
  • Exchange and Selecta Pension: is also used as and when required.
  • We are also happy to use any other systems that you have licenses for.
  • We have our own library of SL letters but again we are happy to use your templates if you prefer.


Keeping abreast of the latest technology, and thinking in the world of Financial Advice is what we believe sets us apart in our industry, additional tools that we use in order to ensure that we deliver a quality service while ensuring full data handling compliance. Which is why we use a robust and secure portal ‘the Paraplanning Hub’ to manage all projects. We also use client portals, as and when agreed and trained on.

In order to build a strong working relationship, we do not charge separately for the use of any of our Software Tools. This is in line with our ethos of not billing separately for ad-hoc telephone calls and discussions. We also do not charge for the initial, additional, time we need to spend to understand how you work and require your advice letters to be structured, which is all part of our commitment to building a relationship.

We are always keen to talk with any IFA’s with over 5 years experience, and working at Level 6 – we welcome the opportunity to provide an initial Cashflow analysis, for a prospective client of yours, see who we work best with.

If you are looking for a paraplanner why not contact us below