So, what does Paraplanning Hub actually do?



Here at Paraplanning Hub, we may always be shouting about our top-notch, time-saving services for busy IFAs, but you may be wondering how exactly we can help.


Well, maybe you’ve got a client with a time-consuming request – a pension switch, say, or new ISA request – and, much as you want to help, you really don’t have time to do the legwork.


That’s where our network of dedicated, knowledgeable financial experts can help.


All you need to do is file all your client notes on our secure virtual system, where one of our senior paraplanners will review your case and allocate your tasks to the right person for the job.


Once that’s done, you can spend your time however you want, while the Paraplanning Hub team is beavering away behind the scenes.


Firstly, a risk profiler will complete any investment tolerance questionnaires, before the administrators issue letters of authority to your client and gather any relevant information and identification.


And don’t worry, you can still keep up to date; everything we gather is added to our back-office system, should you need to check it.


Your dedicated paraplanner will then review all the information before creating the best plan of action, taking into account all relevant costs, features and investments.


And because we always like to be through, once the plan is in place, a senior paraplanner will help finalise the details and prepare a suitability brief and planning report, making sure all agreed standards are met.


Everything you asked for (and maybe even some things you didn’t, but we know you need) is then audited with the help of yet another paraplanner, and sent to you for approval.


With everything signed off and approved, our administrators confidentially issue the plans to your client and make sure they’re happy to go ahead with the recommendations, before sending them any relevant documentation.


Finally, your paraplanner will implement all the agreed actions, before all the information related to the client’s task is stored safely in our back-office system.


All that’s left for you to do is to review the report with your client – meaning you can take all the credit!


So if you’d like to free up your time to do what you do best – talking to clients and growing your business – get in touch with Paraplanning Hub to find out how we can take a weight off your shoulders.