Paraplanning Zooming through 2020

In a previous blog by our Managing Director, he discussed how he was first introduced to dedicated technically qualified paraplanning support over 24 years ago whilst working as a financial planner at the accountants PwC. Once encountered he was forever hooked! He found that the biggest benefit of having dedicated paraplanning support was to release Paraplanning Zooming through 2020

Other Paraplanner Hubs

The Paraplanning hub (not to be confused with other Paraplanner Hubs). Our Paraplanning Hub is the culmination of months of work and has been set up in response to demand from clients, all wanting to be supplied quality, reliable and trusted paraplanning support – with a face to face ‘experience’ if and when required. Part Other Paraplanner Hubs

Paraplanning Partnership = Parapartnership

Paraplanning Partnership

Parapartnership or Paraplanning Partnership was created a while ago, bringing the concept of the closest possible relationship between adviser and outsourced chartered paraplanner (without getting married!!) A Paraplanning Partnership (Parapartnership) is the proposal of a new kind of relationship between two business – built on trust and transparency. The model has been designed and implemented Paraplanning Partnership = Parapartnership