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Why paraplanning is not just about report writing.

Back in the early days of my career, I was provided with a laptop (cutting edge in the early 1990’s) which was used to fact find, obtain quotes off the exchange and write my own reports. Back then I had no idea that I was actually doing my own ‘paraplanning’, it was just part of … Continue reading Why paraplanning is not just about report writing.

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Outsourced Paraplanning – Effective Suitability Reports

  Building on Outsourced Paraplanning (Effective Suitability Reports), in which Rory Percival sets out his concerns over suitability report letters, ATEB Consulting’s Steve Bailey presents a few of the more common issues that the compliance firm discovers in adviser files put together without the aid of a qualified paraplanner.    1 – Reports being twice … Continue reading Outsourced Paraplanning – Effective Suitability Reports

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Outsourced Paraplanning Near Me

Outsourced Paraplanning Near Me – Contacting Us

At the Paraplanning Hub, our vision is that you will be able to have outsourced paraplanning near you.. Our model is to have 10 hubs based throughout the UK – including Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and London. The first hub and headquarters are based in the North East of England in County Durham, within The … Continue reading Outsourced Paraplanning Near Me – Contacting Us

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Other Paraplanner Hubs

The Paraplanning hub (not to be confused with other Paraplanner Hubs). Our Paraplanning Hub is the culmination of months of work and has been set up in response to demand from clients, all wanting to be supplied quality, reliable and trusted paraplanning support – with a face to face ‘experience’ if and when required. Part … Continue reading Other Paraplanner Hubs

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Paraplanning Partnership

Paraplanning Partnership = Parapartnership

Parapartnership or Paraplanning Partnership was created a while ago, bringing the concept of the closest possible relationship between adviser and outsourced chartered paraplanner (without getting married!!) A Paraplanning Partnership (Parapartnership) is the proposal of a new kind of relationship between two business – built on trust and transparency. The model has been designed and implemented … Continue reading Paraplanning Partnership = Parapartnership

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