Having had experience of other outsourced paraplanning services in previous roles, where their adoption created as many problems as it solved, I was a little cynical about the merits of what could be brought to the table, but I’m happy to say that our relationship with Paraplanning Hub to date has allayed any such doubts. 
The service really works for us as we feel that we are very much working in partnership with them and see them as an extension of our existing team, rather than just a separate entity that we palm off work to that we don’t have time to do.  We’ve worked hard to develop a mutual understanding of our businesses, and I feel that Tony and his team now have a clear idea of what we’re trying to achieve. 
Paraplanning Hub’s role goes far beyond simple task completion; Tony’s wealth of experience, understanding of both compliance and commercial issues and willingness to share his knowledge means we have a valuable additional voice outside of our own company with whom we can consult on pretty much anything, which has helped us to refine and strengthen our own processes and procedures and raise standards internally.  His input into our revamped Know Your Client process was especially valuable.