When Sasha joined the hub!

Here at the Paraplanning Hub, getting to know people is very much a part of our service. In fact, it’s probably up there as a major priority. Knowing our clients and their clients hopes and dreams enables us to deliver something special.

Therefore, when it comes to our team, we are very much of the same mindset. So, we couldn’t resist an opportunity to catch up with Sasha the latest addition to our paraplanning family and find out more about her, what she loves about paraplanning and just why baked beans “meanz” so much to her!


Enjoy our interview:

Hi Sasha, welcome to the team, so tell me how you started your career:

“To be honest I am another one of those individuals who began a job in finance as I had no idea what I wanted to do. My childhood dream was to be a Vet, however after noticing that I still cried at every dog/cat/hamster shown on Animal Hospital after the age of 15 I knew it wouldn’t be career for me. Having always enjoyed maths and calculations I started working at a high street bank when I left school and a year or so after I was contacted to go for an interview in London. Fast forward 3 weeks later and I was moving to London with a couple of bags to work for a platform provider. Whilst I loved my time there and spent a good 8 years in a variety of roles, I knew there was something missing.


So, what happened next?:

In late 2017 I began working as an IFA administrator but found it wasn’t quite challenging enough for me personally, at which point I began studying for my CII Diploma to see where it could take me. It was shortly after gaining a few of these exams that I began my paraplanning journey, along with pushing through the CII Chartered exams and subsequently gaining Fellow status in 2020.


How did you feel when you started work in a paraplanning environment?:

Immediately paraplanning felt like home from home, I love not only the technical variety but also the strong paraplanning community behind the profession. The great thing about paraplanning is that I will never know everything, which gives me a continuous desire to develop into a better paraplanner. Not only that, legislation and regulations constantly change and therefore I will always need to keep learning throughout my career (although if the HMRC could stop changing the top slicing calculation that would be fab!). Turns out that a ‘job’ in finance led me to a ‘career’ in a financial profession.

I have been lucky enough to find my calling in paraplanning these last few years and am soaking in everything I can. I am excited for my next challenge at the Hub and truly believe that this opportunity will give me the perfect balance of paraplanning and most importantly mentoring / coaching some amazing paraplanners.


Ok, so what about out of work, tell us more about what you enjoy:

Outside of work, I am originally from Wiltshire but have made Essex my home now…and the farmer twang has well and truly been lost. I live with my husband Aaron (massive cycling and motocross fanatic!) and our two miniature dachshunds Ned and Sid, who like to create havoc 90% of the time. In my spare time I love to get outside walking the dogs, which gives me the perfect excuse to stop midway for a cheeky beer. I enjoy travelling to new places when I can and visiting Vietnam on my honeymoon was the most amazing experience.


What is your favourite food?:

If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be baked beans, hot, cold, however they come!


Thank you Sasha, we are delighted you are on board and part of the team here, we look forward to more updates in the future! Happy Paraplanning


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